Aircraft Arresting Barriers

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Design, Development and Manufacturing of Technical Textile Products for over 30 years.

A-Laskuvarjo designs and manufactures different products and projects to offshore and aviation use with state of the art machines and strong theoretical and practical expertice.

In 1975 the leading authority of the aerodynamic decelerator field, Dr.Ing., Professor Helmut G. Heinrich declared: "Mr. Uotila ... has shown an outstanding talent of applying theoretical matters and concepts to engineering problems."

In the following decades the above saying by Dr.Ing. Heinrich has proven true with the design of unique products to aviation and offshore use. The products on these web pages are designed by Mr. Uotila.



Helideck landing nets and helideck perimeter safety nets made of Frictape are durable, have long life and good resistance against sunlight & seagull guano. These nets are well engineered, thoroughly tested and users over a decade have given only positive feedback of the Frictape nets in operation. Several aviation authorities have approved Frictape net and there is also the Det Norske Veritas Type Approval issued for the Frictape Net. 



Vehicle arresting systems with safe stopping and secure arresting abilities. There are available different versions of the Spidernet vehicle arresting systems. A typical system weights 30kg´s textile parts plus another 30kg´s of lift up parts and is capable to stop a one ton vehicle from 120km/h entry speed in 30 meter distance.



The Uotila Aircraft barrier nets have a proven service record with safe operation and long service life time. They are made in 24 or 30 ply constructions. Also a portable barrier system is available. 




Technical parachutes can be applied like safe descent, reducing the speed, providing drag etc. There are numerous proven designs available for different applications.


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