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Frictape nets

Frictape nets advocate the safety of offshore helicopter transport. Ultra durable landing and perimeter nettings secure helidecks on offshore structures and seagoing vessels, preventing helicopters from sliding and personnel from falling over board.

Increased Safety with Decreased Total Costs

The unique material used in Frictape nets provides an optimal combination of strength, durability and lightness.

  • Frictape nettings feature a completely balanced zero-deformation, zero-bounce structure for increased safety in all weather conditions.
  • The significantly longer lifetime of Frictape nettings translates into decreased frequency of costly installation projects, leading to lower total costs of ownership.
  • Frictape nets are currently the only material and design in the market with true offshore type approval for landing and perimeter nets.

Modern material outperforms traditional rope and steel mesh structures

All Frictape nets are designed and manufactured in Finland under strict quality control. The balanced strength of the nets is a result of innovative knotless straight-line design, weaving method that prevents distortion, and uniquely durable material blend based on the same polyester that is used in car safety belts.

Over 500 Frictape nettings have been installed on helidecks across the world. Frictape customers include for example BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell and Statoil.

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